Zoodle Sausage Stifry 

If you’re not up on the lingo yet, zoodles are an easier way to say zucchini noodles, it also sounds a lot more fun! I have found that zoodles fill a void where I need some type of noodle in the dish where pasta would have been. It’s pretty amazing actually, if you close your eyes, it’s difficult to tell the difference. Especially if you have a very flavourful sauce and tons of veggies!

That is exactly what I had tonight. Although, the dish was originally supposed to be sausage shishkabobs, the absense of propane in our bbq led me to improvise and create this Stifry instead. Sometimes when we make a mistake, it’s leads to the more innovative dishes and tonight was no exception. All I had to do, was take everything off of the skewers and into a pan. I sautéed until the sausages were cooked and the added the zoodles. I then stirred it around enough for the flavours to co-mingle and for the zoodles to get slightly al dente because no one likes a soggy zoodle. Since I had already marinated the vegetables and meat, there was no need for an additional sauce. I just poured some of the excess marinating liquid into the pan and we were in business.

Click here for the recipe! 

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